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Новий вимір ефективності

Ви стикаєтесь із зростаючим тиском часу та витрат? Ви досягли меж своїх можливостей? У цю еру електронної комерції та своєчасної доставки потрібні інноваційні рішення для підвищення прибутковості та конкурентоспроможності: анонс автоматизованого, надкомпактного та масштабованого PowerCube від Jungheinrich.

Завдяки унікальному використанню простору, максимальній гнучкості, потужній продуктивності та легкій інтеграції PowerCube встановлює нові стандарти в галузі автоматизованих складських систем.

PowerCube — це автоматизована компактна система зберігання контейнерів, у якій окремі контейнери складаються вертикально, зберігаються, переміщуються та дістаються за допомогою енергоефективних літій-іонних човників і доставляються до робочих станцій. PowerCube можна індивідуально адаптувати до просторових вимог і бажаної пропускної здатності.

За допомогою цього автономного рішення автоматизації ви можете вийти на новий вимір ефективності свого складу з точки зору організації, простору та часу.

  • Unique use of space up to 12 metres in height
  • Scalable as to throughput, number of containers and shuttles
  • Storage density increased by up to 4 times
  • Inexpensive and easy to integrate

We are changing space and time

You only have a certain amount of time to complete an order. You only have a certain amount of storage space. We are here to show you that you have more space and time than you think: Marvel at how we are rethinking and seem to be expanding space and time, how we are creating a new dimension in efficiency just for you.

The benefits for you

The PowerCube – efficient, reliable, future-oriented

Whether it is used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a complex automated warehouse, the PowerCube impresses every time. The perfect combination of components ensures fast and flexible intralogistics.

Do these situations sound familiar to you?

I would like to further automate my logistics system:

  • Increase throughput.
  • Reduce errors and returns.
  • Eliminate paper-based processes.
  • Save space.

I need a flexible storage solution for my growing business:

  • Maximum storage options with minimum space requirements.
  • Easy to expand in all areas.
  • Suitable for existing buildings and can be relocated.
  • Fast and inexpensive automation.

Then contact us now.

Our experts will explain in detail what advantages the PowerCube has for your warehouse.

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An overview of the PowerCube

The advantages of the PowerCube in a nutshell. Download flyer now.

Easy to integrate into the IT environment

The experts from Jungheinrich can integrate the PowerCube into the IT environment quickly and easily. Jungheinrich also offers another major advantage: As a general contractor with many years of automation and software expertise, Jungheinrich is able to offer everything from a single source. This sets the system apart from other comparable automated warehouse systems.

IT Integration - PowerCube

  • The PowerCube can be easily connected, either to your existing warehouse management software or your ERP system for transferring order data.
  • In order to achieve efficient warehouse management, the design of the PowerCube was based on the tried-and-tested Jungheinrich WMS and WCS solutions for automated systems. The design was then supplemented with special functions and algorithms for compact warehouse management, e.g. for goods receipt and order picking from the PowerCube or storage location searches and transport control within the PowerCube. If required, the PowerCube can also be connected directly to your WMS.
  • The shuttles and workstations are controlled via a software interface developed by our IT experts.

Automation with Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich can find the right intralogistics solution to suit every requirement. 

Solutions - PowerCube

The PowerCube could be yours in 4 easy steps

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Frequently asked questions

Get a consultation without any obligation

The PowerCube sets your warehouse on a course for future success: The automated and efficient small parts warehouse can produce an impressive performance in the smallest of spaces. 

The PowerCube is a space-saving wonder: The vertically stacked containers are removed downwards by energy-efficient lithium-ion shuttles. In addition to saving space, this has other advantages. The number of shuttles can be virtually unlimited, resulting in significant increases in throughput. Plus, the shuttles can remove two containers from the stack at the same time to reach the required items faster. The perfect example of the 'goods-to-operator' principle – simple, reliable and fast.

The PowerCube is ideal for existing buildings because it can be flexibly adapted to the conditions. The unique use of space allows a system height of up to 12 metres and makes the PowerCube the tallest compact storage system for containers in its class. Relocating the PowerCube is also not a problem.

Whether it is used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a complex automated warehouse, the PowerCube always impresses with its speed, reliability and efficiency. And this is only the beginning. We are already looking at further uses for our PowerCube, and together we can open up even greater dimensions in efficiency.