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A perfect-fit solution for Import Office Ukraine.

Jungheinrich provides highly agile vehicles for narrow warehouse space.

Import Office Ukraine specialises in manufacturing and selling office supplies. To run its warehouse smoothly, high-quality trucks were needed which could efficiently manoeuvre in very narrow aisles and tight storage spaces. In addition, high demands were placed on service availability.


  • Tight warehouse space required extremely agile vehicles.
  • High quality requirements were applied to the trucks.
  • Fast service & support desired.


  • Various trucks were delivered, which could easily manoeuvre in tight warehouse environments.
  • Response times in service were shortened thanks to the close-knit Jungheinrich service network.


  • Optimized use of tight warehouse space.
  • Significant increase in productivity.
  • High availability of the trucks and minimised downtimes thanks to fast service.

Import Office Ukraine in a nutshell:

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