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Earthquake-proof and efficient

Birner optimises its logistics workflow with a modern distribution warehouse

Die Birner GmbH ist Österreichs größter Händler für Automobil-Ersatzteile. Aktuelle Marktentwicklungen brachten das Unternehmen dazu, ein neues Distributionszentrum zu bauen. Der Haken: Es liegt in der Erdbebenzone 4. Unser Konzept überzeugte, denn das hochmoderne Lager kann nichts mehr erschüttern.

Detailed planning

With a total of 29 locations and 560 staff across Austria, Birner achieved an annual turnover of approximately €140 million during 2016. The company has 350,000 deliverable articles in its product range - of which 150,000 are constantly in stock. The steady growth in the product range required a new logistics strategy. For this reason Birner decided to build a new distribution warehouse. The objective was to improve workflow, better manage stock, and to benefit further from enhanced synergy. In addition, the warehouse should also be able to handle the digital requirements of the modern day. At first glance, the concept did not seem especially demanding with regard to technical implementation. However, the technical challenges were in the details.

Штефан Ульц (Stefan Ulz)
Начальник відділу логістики, Birner GmbH

«Компанія Jungheinrich запропонувала нам найкращу стелажну систему та концепцію підтримання безпеки».

Safe, faster, smarter - the logistics solution from a single source

The 90s property, with a working area of 11,600 square metres, had to be adapted and rebuilt for modern requirements. It also became apparent that this region was an area of seismic activity. Safety and stability are priorities. We impressed Birner with a bespoke, state-of-the-art centralisation concept that can resist any earthquake.

A three-time winner - performance with a future

Logistics manager Stefan Ulz is pleased with the result: “Jungheinrich showed itself to be the partner that could deliver the best racking and safety concept on the three tenders for rack systems and the three-storey picking warehouse. What was particularly impressive was that all part solutions were seamlessly integrated to make a holistic logistics solution.” This is a partnership that will last as “in the future we intend to keep using services offered by Jungheinrich, particularly if expansion of the distribution centre is needed”, says Ulz.